IEEE Membership

The first step is to get yourself an IEEE membership. You can do that here. Please make sure to subscribe as a student member to get a discount on the membership fee. Also, please add Graz University of Technology as your school, to be officially associated with us!

Why IEEE and what are your benefits...

  • receiving the IEEE Spectrum Magazine (amongst many other magazines) online and sometimes also the printed version directly to your postbox
  • being part of the largest engineering society in the world
  • direct contact with the local member community, giving you the opportunity to participate in competitions, excursions and networking events
  • opportunity to receive an IEEE scholarship
  • access to the IEEE Member Digital Library
  • discount on selected products only for IEEE members

Keep in mind, that the costs for joining the IEEE pay off easily, with benefits that no other institution or group in the world can provide. Think of it as an investment in your career and future. Up until now, none of the members have regretted their decision to join the IEEE.

Soft Skills

All of our events are organized by ourselves, some are even given by ourselves. Being active within our Student Branch means to work with fellow students sharing similar interests to organize great events. This will improve your social skills such as teamwork, confidence, communication and many more.


The IEEE Student Branch invites all interested students in and around Graz, especially students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). You work together with peer students from all semesters teaching each other. With completely different backgrounds among students this is a rich resource to personally improve yourself.

For many events we get in touch with companies and research institutions. By helping to organize such an event you get the chance to extend you network. Contacting a company for an excursion may be the first step for a future employment. We are constantly looking for active students who help extending our Branch's network to new companies to give talks or to invite us for excursions.

Further, we are active in a number of already existing networks. Active students have the chance to represent our Student Branch in joint meetings with other institutions. These networks span across Austria, IEEE Region 8, and the whole world by means of the IEEE community portal. For example, the Austria Section holds its annual assembly inviting all IEEE members in Austria for a joint gala dinner to talk to other IEEE members. The CEuSBC, held every two years, brings together Student Branches from all over Europe.

Finally, with the help of the IEEE you will be able to establish valuable contacts with like-minded people that will last for a lifetime.

Realize your Ideas

Besides networking with other peer students of all semesters you get the chance to express yourself and realize your ideas. Great! We offer you the possibility to do so. Present your idea in one of our meetings or send us an e-mail. If we find enough interested people we go for it. We will help you to organize the event and to get the necessary equipment. Do you think your idea is to silly? We bet it's not. Let us know. We are looking forward to helping you with your ideas.

So why IEEE?

Numerous organizations offer similar opportunities to engage yourself. You may ask why you should join the IEEE? The answer is the long tradition of the IEEE, the already existing knowledge, and infrastructure. The IEEE is organized all over the world, giving us access to a global network of resources. This means for us that such networks do not have to be created - they already exist. Meeting a fellow student with similar interests from somewhere in Europe is as easy as visiting the CEuSBC. Our Student Branch financially and logistically supports these travels - with the support of the IEEE.

As an engineer, you are expected to be up-to-date with the latest technology and this can only happen if you are well informed and have a wide network of professional contacts in your field. IEEE can provide you with the most professional information about your field, assessed by the best engineers around the world.

Get in touch with us

The IEEE will only notify us about new members once a year, so please let us know that you're now a part of the IEEE, so that you'll always get the latest news and updates on what is going on in Graz!! Do this by sending an e-mail to with something like "Bitte in Mailingliste aufnehmen" as subject. We will then add you to our mailing lists! Thank you!