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Xtreme Programming Competition 11.0

not the usual 24-hour programming competition

The IEEE student branch Graz started the new academic year with participating in the worldwide Xtreme Programming Competition 11.0 with two electrical engineering and audio engineering student teams. As every year, Markus Quaritsch served as our proctor and stood by our side for the whole time, and we were provided food and drinks from the HSZS. For many students, it is a new experience being at university on a Saturday at 7 a.m. and doing something productive, but we were not restrained in achieving good results! After undergoing a midday low, we got an extra kick from the ordered pizza and were ready to get our heads in front of the screens again. Unfortunately, we did not sit through the competition until the end, two hours before the finish line we threw in the towel; but still, we were the two best teams in Austria!